Welcome to the City of Plymouth Athletic Club

The City of Plymouth Athletics Club has its home at the Brickfields Complex, Raglan Road, Devonport, Plymouth, in the Southwest of England. Owned originally by the Royal Navy, the facilities are now the property of the City Council, to which we pay a hire fee on an hourly basis.

The club has helped produce many outstanding athletes, some who have gained National and International honours at senior and junior levels of competition.

The club continues to grow in strength following the success of the London Olympics, with many young stars in the makings what better way to start than here with us…

The club caters for all ages and abilities from 5 years upwards.

The University of Plymouth and University College Plymouth (MARJONS) are affiliated to the City of Plymouth Athletic Club.

The club has been awarded Clubmark accreditation and Plymouth City Council Club Accreditation.


Frequently Asked Questions